Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Natchez Valley House in TN

This is a home I trimmed in Franklin TN back in 2005.

Melamine Cabinets

A set of melamine cabinets built for a house that was newly bought.


Eddie Bauer Commercial Job

This was a commercial job at a local mall.

Bodily Door

A family had a small dog that needed a doggy door but also wanted a window. So the window with blinds was installed and the doggy door. I also painted and installed it.


Leak in Ceiling in Meridian

This was a job I did where a  family had a leak from an upstairs bathroom. I did not take before photos but these are the afters.


Kitchen in Meridian

 This is a kitchen remodel done in Meridian. A pantry was added, some hardwood was added, Kitchen cabinets installed, a little plumbing and electrical, can lights in the cieling and a little drywall and crown.

Laundry Room in Meridian

On this job the homeowner moved a laundry room into a bigger room that the previous homeowner had used as a hair salon. We also remodeled the kitchen and reused the old cabinets in the laundry room/mudroom.